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KFD, Knowledge for Development, is an independent foundation which aims to foster relations and spread knowledge for sustainable social, economic and cultural territory.

The Foundation began its activities in 2004 to promote the positive values of our society through the development of relations between public and private, national and international.

The virtuous cycle of the network (networking) and learning for KFD, are a key aspect; it is a friendly and informal meeting place between institutions, businesses, academics and financial and other public and private.

It is a foundation which intends to undertake initiatives which are not limited to the development of abstract theories, but show themselves capable of building specific projects, innovative and ethical. It focuses on the problems and challenges the current economy, culture and society, with particular attention to the business community. The "KFD method" prefers confrontation and debate, fosters relationships enabling an effective learning of the subject under discussion. The purpose of KFD is not to find answers unanimous or simply reassuring, but to highlight the complexity and find the way for an 'opportunity or a possible solution.