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Position paper's foreign policy (economics and development)

Position paper's foreign policy (economics and development)

The economy in foreign policy must be oriented towards economic framing a coherent strategy of Italian foreign policy in the broadest sense of the term, through research and promotion of international partnerships between domestic actors (companies, universities, research centers, different associations and others) and their foreign equivalents.


Partnerships should be designed to foster an action of internationalization breath of our operators and improve the attractiveness of foreign investment in our country.

In this requires the assumption of leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the technical assistance of the Ministry of Economic Development. Help that should have the main aim of framing the actions of international partnerships in a strategy of geopolitical interest of Italy in the quadrant most important, so first of all, Mediterranean, Middle East and other areas where Italy is concerned because of participation in supranational organizations.

With the resources spent by local authorities (including the provinces and municipalities play decentralized cooperation) were not made these investments in the international arena to create economies 'real' able to give a real boost to the local reality, much less national.

Clearly, therefore, the amount of resources they could find much better place if they formed part of an investment program coordinated by the national government, so as to create a virtuous circle in which they could participate more local and even more the national economy in its entirety.

The change of course in the administration of foreign policy is due in response to the many opportunities that the reality of the global market has to offer.

Local authorities should play a role in cross-border cooperation with political aims concerning the economies and local culture with a view to participatory community program to promote the integration of the 'new country' East recently joined the EU and the good neighborly relations with the Mediterranean countries.

Without wishing to suggest actions that can solve problems like those just mentioned, with the risk of generating new conflicts between state and regions, especially in these times of rampant 'fashion' federalist government must assume a new role in foreign policy, whose action authoritatively resolve the inevitable conflict with the Regions and other local authorities.

The authority must be placed in a better ability to see the economic foreign policy as something more complex that participation with a booth at a trade show or expo with more expensive missions in air, despite the good efforts of our traders, can never be of interest for the Italian economy.

The authority must have the support of a constant source of study and analysis of international economic scenarios, as these can be interpreted by national policy, in order to create a real advantage in support of the Italian economy.

The authority also creates constantly acting in connection with the trade associations acquiring cognizance of their needs and visions, and referenced a few reports, avoiding contacts without factual basis of representation in the real world economy, thus avoiding the creation of tables of consultation of nothing ..

You can not expect to compete on any field with the international politics of countries that have a tradition of our most important resources, it is useful to think of creating their own 'expertise'. As in the past there were distinct from Western countries for the ability to dialogue with the countries of the Middle East, today we must find our own 'expertise'.

Italy for the benefit of its geographic location at the center of the Mediterranean, is to assume a leadership role of 'knowledge' of the issues and the management of all matters concerning the water and electricity networks Mediterranean.

Our facilities have all the scientific expertise to create an excellent support for Italy's international political action in key strategic issues that concern the management of water and energy. Like most UK embassies have an attendant to the issues of climate change, the Italian embassies in their representative offices, at least in the Mediterranean countries, should have an expert observer of the issues concerning water and energy.

Italy's position is unique in the Mediterranean basin and should definitely be exploited to establish itself in a geopolitical level in a matter of the primary importance as the administration and management of water resources. The embassies have to stand out as landmarks authoritative and responsible, so as to play a central role in the creation and administration of policies designed to safeguard this resource to:

i. prevent the generation of conflict for the supply of drinking water;

ii. regulate the access to cross-border waters;

iii. managing the environmental impact on the waters of the various economies of the countries of the Mediterranean.

The same approach should be adopted for the energy sector. In this area there are three kinds of problems that must be managed at international level and even better in the Mediterranean, covering:

i. international interconnection of electricity grids;

ii. regulation of the loads and breaks;

iii. scale multinational investment in productions.

Even in that case should be pursued a strategy of leadership in which the potential use of the country's central geographical position.

The centralization of information of water and energy to create a field of 'intelligence' in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs whose main purpose will be to suggest and guide new and different partnerships with stakeholders in the pursuit of positive effects for unit level National taking a real leadership of Italy.