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A project about the Italian poetry of the twentieth century,

Alda Merini, Rosa chained

This is the first meeting of a project about Alda Merini that will seek deeper aspects of poetry and prose of one of major poetress of the last century in the texts of which the presence of Taranto, but not only, is an important feature. Just for the deep bond that Alda had with the land of Taranto, will born from March 5, the first prize for poetry "Alda Merini", who Valerio Tambone has known by going to find her in her home in Milan in Via Ripa Ticinese.

Additional meetings are planned for the months of April, May, June and then again from September to December. A year dedicated to the twentieth century the poetic through the connection between language and religion in the writings of a poetress who recited the life on the line of the mystery.

The reports will be collected into a volume published to give more promotion to the poetic culture and to the knowledge of poetry itself by Alda Merini.