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AEIT Energy in South East Europe

Organised by the Puglia Section AEIT, EEE Electricity Association, Politecnico di Bari , Study Day about Energy and South East Europe: opportunities for development for the South and Italy?, Will be held on January 26, 2006 in the Aula Magna Attilio High, Politecnico di Bari.

The birth of a new regional energy market in Southeast Europe (SEE), established by the Treaty of Athens October 25, 2005, is an occasion for reflection on the potential energy development, and therefore economical, offers a greater integration between the South of Europe. The Balkans and the Mediterranean are strategic areas for energy supply in our country, and the Puglia region presents itself today as the central hub for trade and cross-border exchange of electricity and gas. The new infrastructure investments planned by the European Commission and financed by the World Bank and the European Bank of Reconstruction Industrial should be an opportunity for all the Italian energy sector. They represent an opportunity for installers and service companies so that they can create more intense collaboration and technical-managerial and support the development of the whole region.

The Meeting is organized in collaboration with AMET Trani Foundation KFD, ESCO Daedalus & Centaurs and the contribution of Regione Puglia, Bari Province, Municipality of Bari, UNAE Puglia, ABB, Amgas, Banca Popolare di Puglia and Basilicata, Edison, Unicredit Group, MBI Mediterranean Broadband Infrastructures.