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The potential development of the food-economy thanks to a great idea for small farmers

Against seasonal water scarcity afflicting hundreds of thousands of small farmers in China Driptech, sturtup of Palo Alto (California), founded in 2008 and specializes in methods for irrigation, seems to have found the solution.

In the countryside of Shanxi province about 200 local farms have experienced equipment for the storage of water for the most similar to garden hoses with small holes every foot or so, thanks to which it provides for a reduction in the use of water itself more than half. The innovative service provided by Driptech technology is designed specifically for small businesses to significantly lower costs than traditional market.

Such systems are not initiated in large production facilities and then exported, but are made directly in target markets, taking into account the adaptation of local systems.

Driptech's technology has reduced constituent irrigation parts of the irrigation system for about 85% and the cost of sales relating to equipment by approximately 60%, even with the use of inexpensive material such as plastic pipes and with the use of Laser of small size, at the same time improving reliability and ease of maintenance.

This has allowed the company to move towards the markets of poorer countries and for now Driptech focuses exclusively on China and India that proved to be the markets with the greatest potential.

According to experts, there will be reflections on the food economy. Subsistence farmers may be able to produce crops in quantities in excess of those traditionally designed to meet the family needs and evolving micro-entrepreneurs in allocating part of the crops to local markets. Countries that depend on food imports, therefore, may see reduced their dependence on outsiders.

Thanks to its system that allows significant savings in water, time and work, Driptech was awarded the 2009 Economic Development Award Laureate In addition, 26 February 2010, Driptech was present at the  2010 Conference on Entrepreneurship, Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he discussed the unique position that they are acquiring companies engaged in the social field, balancing the interests of the socially committed organizations without profit and profit companies. Has been proposed that people in richer countries like the U.S. could buy the kits Driptech to directly subsidize farmers, trying at first hand the goodness of technology, perhaps trasforming a low-risk purchase in a large investment.

It is thanks to companies like Driptech that the world can change.Ascolta