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Mainstreaming is a process of acquisition of practices tested on an individual pilot project, or innovations that have proved effective, which are transposed from a limited field to level system.

A concept that may seem complex, but results in something very simple. Suffice as an example the invention of the phonograph by Thomas Edison, invented to open the world of books for the blind and turned into a mass medium for listening in general.

To date, the design world designed for people with disabilities offers myriad examples of tools designed  for a niche market but have made a fortune extending itself to the whole population. An example? Intuitive software texts, namely those ending in words like algorithms in search engines or e-mail or mobile phones t9. According to the patents for related programs was a technology created for people with disabilities.

People with disabilities are not the most numerically significant percentage of the market, however, they are people that more than others take advantage to the market, pushing companies to develop  innovations in order to improve the offer for mass markets.

Apple has used wisely over the years, the patenting of tools to assist the handicapped, so much so that today it is a model for the elegance of the means which markets and for their ease of use as Apple's VoiceOver functionality, intended for the blind.

On this trail also other companies such as Nuance Communications, developer of software, invented the technology of voice command to help people who can not type on a computer. Today, the company's algorithms are used in products ranging from e-reader Kindle. Through a joint venture  called the Ford-Microsoft Sync, provides Nuance voice command feature for most GPS navigation  devices sold, such as Garmin and TomTom, initiating projects with Ford, Lincoln and Mercury.

Google has created a tool of subtitles for the videos posted on Google's YouTube, to help people  suffering from deafness. And in the meantime, Mattel is incorporating the technology, originally designed to help paraplegics, soon to be realized in a game controlled by the brain waves of the players.

Without a doubt, for consultants in innovation and technology these companies are proving to be a  pioneer looking for accessible design as a new sales opportunities. Most of the features that make the devices accessible for people with disabilities actually have a great value for everyone, especially for the aging population creates new market segments in which technology should be increasingly easy to use.

That's why companies like Apple that are positioned in the market ahead of competitors, announcing the arrival of the new features so getting people's attention, show to follow a brilliant strategy that leads to the creation of competitive advantage.